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This Community is open to any and all Phantom of the Opera fans who are totally in love with the phantom.

The header in my LJ was found at The Final Threshold website in their wallpapers section which can be found at the link here.

Please follow the rules when posting and/or commenting.


If you are new, please feel free to write an entry telling about yourself and how you came to know the phantom of the opera, etc etc.

You may talk about anything phantom, your love for the movie/musical/books, how you absolutely adore the phantom and want to have his babies...yadda yadda, just keep posts/comments POTO related.

Keep in mind that everyone must be courteous to the other members, and any offensive posts will be deleted and the user banned from the Community.

If you're a fan of the Musical, movies or books, or their stars, we're happy to have you here.

You may advertise other communities. Plugg away!

If you post pictures/icons, put them under a cut. You can do teasers, and as for the pics, you can do a teaser as long as they aren't very big.

You may post fanfics; also put them under a cut.


*If you think of something that could improve the community, feel free to let me know.


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