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guarded (H/E)
Posted by sweetkitten0417 on 05.27.2006 at 21:33
What's Inside:

x The Phantom of the Opera (Movie & Stage): 21
x Hostage: 24
x Misc. Actors (Gerard Butler,David & Courtney Arquette,Michelle Horn): 12
x Misc. Movies (Death To Smoochy,X3,Just Friends,The Break Up,ETC.): 29
x TOTAL:87


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more here..

Icon Creator: Unknown


Posted by peanut_78 on 01.26.2006 at 14:38
I'm Feelin': satisfiedunproductive
Noise in my head: Cold (but i'm still here)
Made an icon but I made this over christmas break just never got a chance to post it. lemme know ur thoughts =) it's supposed to be Red Death strikes a pose, pathetic i know =P

Made by: peanut_78
Credit peanut_78 if you use
(highly doubtful =P)

And no hotlinking! thx!

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 01.19.2006 at 21:23
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secret and strange angelCollapse )<lj-cut

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 01.11.2006 at 18:03
go join

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Posted by charminglady on 01.07.2006 at 17:21
People, please help me!!!!! Recently I’ve seen “The Phantom Of The Opera” movie, and I can’t get the music out of my head. I'm just in love with it. Webber is a genius!!!!!! PLEASE if you know, inform me where I can get the soundtrack FOR FREE. I’ve surfed the net to find it, but I haven’t found the soundtrack for free. And if anyone of you has it, PLEASE make it possible for me to download it. I will be very very very very grateful to you.

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 01.02.2006 at 11:55
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a rose that is fadingCollapse )

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 12.27.2005 at 16:20
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Beauty is not caused. It is.Collapse )

Icon Creator: Unknown

Your Mod

Posted by peanut_78 on 12.22.2005 at 17:42
I'm Feelin': chippercozy
Noise in my head: POTO: Music of the Night
It's been a long long while, but fall semester has ended and now i'm on christmas break for 2 more wks so I have some time to update. christinalove's been making beautiful icons and banners, be sure to check out her previous posts! During my break i'll try and make some icons and post them for you guys. Hopefully they'll turn out nice. I finally got "Phantom of the Opera" by Leroux from my friend for christmas so i've started reading that a few days ago. I'm enjoying it so far but it's definately different from the movie, which I expected. Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying your christmas break. I probably won't post again until after christmas so have a very blessed and joy filled holiday and safe travels to anyone venturing out to other destinations.

Oh and if anyone is interested in reading the book, i can send you an online version. Just let me know by replying to this post. Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 12.22.2005 at 03:20
let the dream beginCollapse )

jake and green
Posted by christinalove on 12.16.2005 at 23:25
Music of the nightCollapse )

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